Ocean Trip Every other year, the school plans a 3-day trip to Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Each day Sensei leads 1 or 2 special classes on the beach. Training on sand and in shallow water, with the ocean breeze provides a wonderful backdrop for enriching the physical and spiritual elements of karate training. There is plenty of time for sightseeing, shopping and socializing. Many students gather on the beach at night with candles and snacks to finish off their busy day. The Ocean Trip is one of the school's favorite events.

Board Breaking This event is popular with all students. It's strictly voluntary with students purchasing as many boards as they would like to break. Sensei supervises the board breaking ensuring that safety is the #1 priority.

Kata Clinics During the course of the year, classes are scheduled to focus on a specific kata. This is an in-depth look at the steps and techniques within the kata, the timing elements, distance considerations and the practical applications (bunkai).

Special Training Classes Each season one class is dedicated as, say "Winter Special Training" or "Summer Special Training". This is a "power" session. It is not a mandatory class. Sensei offers this intense training session for students who want to test and push their physical stamina, endurance and will.

Black Belt Clinic This is a mandatory class for all black belt students - a Japanese tradition for all martial arts students. It is traditionally held the 1st Sunday in May. A lot of thought and preparation is done ahead of time by Sensei for this class because it is considered a gift to her students. Refreshments and socializing round out the morning.

Adult Holiday Party For an evening, the adults put away their gis (training uniforms) and deck themselves out for an evening of dancing, great food and lively conversation. This is an annual event held at the local firehouse.

Instructor Certification Courses Sensei leads the majority of classes at the school, yet there are times when assistance by Certified Instructors is necessary. Each year Sensei certifies and re-certifies students after the student successfully completes an Instructor Certification Class. The course covers manners and etiquette, format of a class, case scenarios, and effective teaching strategies.

Women's Self Defense Clinic Sensei offers several practical hands-on clinics emphasizing street self-defense. Practical strategies and techniques are discussed and practiced to build confidence and ability.

Private Lessons Unlike many other dojos, Sensei is willing and available to work with students on a 1:1 basis at a reasonable rate. There is no rank requirement to schedule a private lesson. At this time the rate is $50.00 per hour. All private lessons must be scheduled in advance.

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