**** CONGRATULATIONS PODRAZIK SENSEI ON THE 25th Anniversary of the Fudoshin Karate School !

The Fudoshin Karate School was formed in 1991 by Sensei Linda Podrazik. Podrazik Sensei, an 8th degree Black Belt (Hachi-Dan) with more than 35 years of Karate experience, has served the Latham Community since 1982. An excellent instructor and a true martial artist, Podrazik Sensei has achieved a harmony of mind, body and spirit which she endeavors to pass on to her students. Under her skilled teaching, students soon become competent martial artists themselves.

In Japanese, Fudoshin means "calm (and unshakable) determination". This is the path that has guided Sensei's career. The Fudoshin Karate School teaches a traditional martial art based on Shotokan Karate and fosters the principles of harmony, love, obedience and respect.

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