The Fudoshin Karate School class schedule is as flexible as possible to provide students with an opportunity to attend classes and progress through the ranks while maintaining an often already busy lifestyle. Students of any age/rank can attend most classes.

"All rank" classes are a very effective approach to learning. They benefit both lower ranking and senior students. Lower ranking students are able to watch, train with and learn from higher ranking students. Senior students have an opportunity to reinforce and improve on the knowledge and skills they have already attained as well as set goals for the future. Many families attend classes at the Fudoshin Karate School because they are able to train together, making karate a family activity. In addition to All Rank classes, there are "Adult" classes. These classes offer adults an opportunity to train at a more intense level. Classes are always structured appropriately for the rank levels in the particular class. "Junior" classes are for junior students only. There are normally at least two adult instructors for each junior class.

For the monthly fee, students can attend as many classes as they would like - No limit!

Private lessons are available at 12:00 PM on Saturday or as scheduled by the student and Sensei. All private lessons must be scheduled in advance.

*The class schedule may change during the holidays and winter months when the weather is hazardous. Sensei posts notices for any schedule changes. Students are asked to call the dojo if weather is in question. The general policy is: If the North Colonie Schools close, the dojo will close.

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