Sensei Podrazik
Podrazik Sensei, owner and head instructor of The Fudoshin Karate School, is an 8th degree Black Belt (Hachi-Dan) with more than 35 years of Karate experience and has served the Latham Community since 1982. An excellent instructor and a true martial artist, Podrazik Sensei has achieved a harmony of mind, body and spirit which she endeavors to pass on to her students. Under her skilled teaching, students soon become competent martial artists themselves.

School Profile
  • More than 30 Years of Karate Experience
  • Hachi-Dan rank awarded by the Fudoshin Karate School - Latham, NY - 2012
  • Nanatsudan rank awarded by the Fudoshin Karate School - Latham, NY - 2004
  • Rokudan rank awarded by the Fudoshin Karate School - Latham, NY - 1999
  • Godan rank under the World Self Defense Federation - San Diego, California - 1993
  • Nidan rank with Rocky Mountain Budokan - Englewood, Colorado - 1982
  • Shodan rank in World Seido Karate - New York, NY - 1984
  • Shodan rank in Taekwon-do Federation - New York, NY - 1993

Teaching Experience
  • Daily operation of her own karate dojo since 1982
  • Alternate Gym Program for Kent Private Day School in Colorado - 1978-1981
  • Private lessons/personal training classes since 1995 at the Latham location
  • Body sculpting/weight training/stress release course for employees at Hilltop Manor
  • In school programs for Southgate,Hillside and Niskayuna schools
  • Biannual four week karate course for children at the Colonie Youth Center
  • Instruction of street awareness/self defense courses for:
    • The Center for the Disabled
    • Wildwood Programs
    • Albany College of Pharmacy
    • Colonie Girl Scouts/Brownies
    • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    • Colonie Wives of Police
    • Shaker High School
    • Colonie Central High School
    • Albany Public Library
    • Blue Creek School
    • Forts Ferry School
    • Latham Chamber of Commerce
    • St. Ambrose School
    • Boght Hills School

  • 1ST place gold medal in breaking, World Cup Championship - 1993
  • Silver medal in forms, World Cup Olympic Championship - 1993
  • 1st place Black Belt Kata, Adirondack Shorin-Ryu Tournament - 1987
  • 1st place Black Belt Hard Style Kata, NYS Open, Mens's Division - 1987
  • 1st place Black Belt Men & Women Kata, Greater NYS Karate/Kung Fu Championship - 1986
  • Outstanding Student of the Year, Mountain States Budokan - 1977-1981
  • Kiwanis Club certificate of appreciation for work with Children
  • Documented on Our Town TV for work with children - 1984
  • Nominated one of the Prominent Women of the Capital District - 1997
  • Featured in the book The Right side of Forty, published 1997
  • Channel 6 News, feature with Shawn Killinger - 2000

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